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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Drone Filming Company

As drones become more popular, a range of drone filming companies are now offering services to capture stunning aerial footage. But before you commit to any particular company, here are five key things you should consider when selecting a drone filming provider:

Services Offered

When choosing the right drone filming company for your project, it’s essential to understand what services they offer and how they can best meet your needs. Do they provide aerial footage, or do they also offer editing, post-production and audio services? Knowing this information beforehand can help you make the best decision based on your specific requirements.

Portfolio & References

It’s always helpful to review a company’s portfolio and references from previous clients in order to get an idea of their quality of work. A portfolio provides valuable insight into what creative styles the provider can achieve; viewing sample productions can give you an idea of their technical capabilities and whether their aesthetic sensibilities fit with yours. Similarly, talking with past clients about their experiences can help provide further perspective about their professionalism and overall value for money.

Location & Travel Costs

Where is the company located, and what travel costs may be involved if you want them on-site? Some companies may only be available locally, while others offer nationwide or even international coverage; it’s essential to factor these costs in when building your budget, as transportation fees and accommodation expenses can quickly add up depending on where the shoot takes place.

Equipment List & Repair Policies

It’s also worth looking into what kind of equipment the provider uses as well as any repair policies that come with it; backups or spare batteries should always be used during long shoots, which often require setups at high altitudes or away from power sources – so having additional batteries or other necessary components ready on hand will be key when shooting outdoors. Additionally, check out their safety protocols too – all equipment should be regularly maintained by qualified technicians who know precisely what they’re doing.

Legal Compliance & Insurance Coverage

Perhaps one of the most important considerations is ensuring that any drone filming company you hire adheres to all relevant civil aviation regulations to protect public safety and avoid legal issues down the line. As such, it’s important that any provider holds appropriate insurance coverage covering both aircraft liability and/or loss/damage incurred during operation; this will help ensure that both parties are legally protected in the unlikely event something goes wrong during production.

With all these tips in mind, selecting the right drone filming company should be much easier so you can confidently move forward with your project knowing everything is taken care of!