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Affordable Drone Aerial Filming

High quality, low cost drone aerial filming for Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset.


CAA Qualified and Insured Pilot

Minutes Flying Time (per battery)

4K Camera

Metres Flight Ceiling

Drone Filming and Aerial Photography for Less

CAA Qualified Pilot – Fully Insured and Trained for your Peace of Mind.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro used for drone aerial filming

Whether you’re looking for cinematic footage for your next video, aerial footage of your site, a survey of a building, recording of an event or aerial photography, we can help. We’re your local drone aerial filming company, and we’re based right on your doorstep in Poole, Dorset. We cover the entire south coast region, including Bournemouth, just a few minutes away. We can fly inside and outside and offer special discounted rates to local businesses. Contact us today for your next aerial filming job.

Affordable aerial filming and photography for Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset.

Video production, photography, surveys and much more.

Let’s face it, drone aerial footage looks fantastic and can make your next video production spectacular. However, for way too long, it’s been too expensive. With footage costing hundreds of pounds a second, it’s no wonder only large brands can afford it.

Not anymore.

We believe that drone filming and aerial photography should be accessible to all large and small companies. This is why we have launched a super-affordable drone aerial filming service for Poole, Bournemouth and across Dorset.

Whether you’re looking for 4K footage for use in video production, want some commercial aerial photography, are looking for images for a survey or want some aerial shots of your property, we can help.

We’re often asked why we’re so affordable and up to 75% less than other drone filming services. There must be a catch, right?

Well, the simple answer is no. It’s all down to economics. For 99% of drone filming and aerial photography, you don’t need to have invested in a £20k flight platform. It only offers marginal advantages in extreme weather conditions.

The key to stunning footage is a great 4K camera, reliable flight platform and a CAA and qualified drone pilot. And that’s what we’ve got. It’s that simple.

We’re not looking to make a “fast buck” on a one-off job. By making drone footage affordable and low cost, we know you’ll come back again and again. It’s your continued business we want, and we work hard to ensure you’re delighted.

Just check out the brands that trust us for video production services – you’ll see how committed we are to your satisfaction. 

Contact our friendly team on 01202 805091 or email for a quote – you’ll be glad you did. 

Are your drone aerial filming services licensed by the CAA?

Yes – We have authority from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) called a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). This means we are a licensed commercial operator of unmanned aerial vehicles (drone).

Are you insured?

We are fully insured with five million pounds public liability insurance to fly at altitudes of up to 400 feet.

Are your pilots qualified and licensed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)?

Our drone pilots are licensed and have passed the relevant CAA-approved examinations and flight assessments. Our pilots have the latest A2 Certificate of Competency as prescribed by the CAA from January 2021.

What is the flight ceiling of your aerial filming?

We are licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly up to a maximum of 400 feet. The reason for this is that manned aircraft fly in airspace that is above 500 feet. Therefore the maximum 400 feet that drones fly at still leaves 100 feet of separation to manned aircraft.

Can you fly in the wind, rain and cold?

We can fly in winds that have maximum gusts of up to 22 mph. However, the reality is that it’s best not to fly in winds over 15 mph as it affects the shot stability. Our drones are fitted with 4k cameras and gimbals that means we get beautiful stable shots in almost all normal flight conditions.

Flying in the rain is not recommended. This is simply because rain on the lens will spoil any shots.

We can fly in cold weather (and in hot weather). The only consideration with cold weather is that the battery packs drain faster. Freezing weather can drain the batteries up to 50% faster than usual. This is why we keep the batteries warm and (of course) carry spares with us.

What if there is bad weather on the filming day?

Unfortunately, the weather is the challenge in aerial filming in the UK. We use long-range forecasting apps to monitor conditions five days in advance of any filming days. We’ll talk to you ahead of the shoot if the weather changes for the worse or if the forecast does not look like favourable conditions. If we have to cancel, we’ll simply re-arrange to a different day.

What is your flight time?

We have a maximum flight time of approximately 30 minutes per battery (in ideal conditions). We usually fly for approximately 20 minutes before changing the battery as a safety precaution. Battery changeovers are quick, and it’s worth noting that this needs to be factored into the shoot. The spare batteries mean we can fly all day.

Can you fly indoors?

We can fly our drones inside. They do need space, and sometimes the building construction or equipment can interfere with the drone’s communication with the controller. For example, equipment that emits large magnetic fields such as laser cutters does disrupt communications. For much of the time, this is not an issue, but it is worth bearing in mind.

How many pilots operate the drone for aerial filming?

We have one pilot operating one drone. The main cameraman is also a CAA-qualified drone pilot if we have included a drone on your shoot.

Can I see what is being filmed?

The aerial footage is streamed live to the pilot’s controller. This allows you to see what aerial shots we are capturing for you.

Do you film abroad?

We film all over the world. The regulations are different in other countries, so we will need specifics about the locations and shots to carry out an assessment.

What are the regulations on how close to buildings and people you can fly?

The CAA has set out the rules for flying close to buildings and people. Here is a summary;

  1. Keep 50m from people and property not in control of the pilot.
  2. During take-off and landing, maintain a distance of 30m from people and property not in control of the pilot.
  3. You must obtain the permission of the landowner to take off and land your UAV.
  4. You cannot fly directly overhead or within a minimum distance of 150m from an open-air assembly of over 1000 people.
  5. The maximum flight ceiling is restricted to 400ft.
  6. The drone pilot must maintain a visual line of sight of the drone to a max distance of 500m.
  7. You must not fly in controlled airspace.
  8. There are strict no-fly zones in central London where additional permits are required.

When we have the permission of the owner of a building, we can fly in close proximity. The same goes for flying close to people – we need the people’s consent, and they are to be fully briefed and under the control of the pilot.

Jordi Ripolles

Jordi Ripolles

Professional, CAA Qualified Drone Pilot

If you want stunning aerial drone footage for your next project, Jordi is your man.

As a professional TV cameraman with over 35 years experience, Jordi has an eye for detail and the perfect shot. 

Whether your shooting a TV advert, or documentary, recording an event or want some photos for a survey then we can help. 

You’ll find Jordi organised and professional. flexible, friendly and safe.

Combine this with a passion for delivering perfection, and you’re guaranteed great footage and a headache-free service.

Speak to our friendly team on 01202 805091 today.