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Promotional video production

Get a persuasive promotional video that helps you sell more stuff!


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The headache-free way to your next promotional video.

Promote your products, business or services the easy way with amazing promotional videos. Here’s how it works:

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Step 1 – Promo Script

There is a combination of sales psychology and creativity in every promo video script we write. This means they look great and convert leads to sales.

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Step 2 – Production Process

We storyboard, film, animate then edit your promo video. We also include drone filming as standard. We do all the heavy lifting and creativity to make the process pain-free.

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Step 3 – You Sell More

We overcome sales objections and drive home benefits, so your promo video sells more stuff. It’s simple, effective and what we can do for you every time.

What our clients say

High quality and an incredibly fast turnaround time on the promo video project. Kate Heggarty

Marketing Director, Elite Telecom

Inspirational, creative and compelling videos and animations that always exceed my expectations.

Chris Hoyle

European Marketing Director, Motorola

Powerful and compelling videos have helped us increase sales across a number of strategic channels Tony Parkin

Channel manager, EE

Promotional Video Production

Supercharge your sales with a promotional video

Promotional videos are the perfect way to boost your content marketing. Used across social media and online a promo video will onboard prospects and convert visitors into solid sales.

Easily explain your products, services or value proposition to build trust, loyalty and engage with high-quality content.

We have an experienced team of scriptwriters, content producers and directors who will guide you through the process, from the initial ideas to the design, animation, filming and delivery of your new promotional video.

To maximise the effectiveness of your content and get your audience to your “Ah, OK, got it!” moment, we take time to identify your key objectives and the needs of your audience. We’ll also look at overcoming any common objections so we can bottom them out in the messaging.

Live-action or animation – we’ve got it covered!

A promotional video can be created in any number of ways. This could be 2D animation (typically explainer videos), 3D animation or live-action. Whichever route we choose, we will always create the most effective way to achieve your objectives in mind.

This way of visual storytelling is incredibly effective and will bring your vision to life. You’ll find that you’ll be speaking directly to your users, boosting communication and engaging with your stakeholders.

By taking your audience on a linear journey, inspiring the masses and overcoming objections along the way, your sales team will love you. A well-constructed promo video is like having a super-charged salesperson selling 24/7 for you. What’s not to like?

In fact, our promotional videos have delivered 120% more sales conversions for fewer costs. 

Mobile Optimised

All of our promotional videos are optimised for digital delivery across multiple platforms. We ensure that the content is suited for the application and intended platform. We know that most users will be looking at content on their mobile devices or tablet, and it’s important to stress test the content to make sure it works on a small screen.

Let us be your specialists.

When you hire us to create your promotional video, you get a dedicated team of specialist content producers. We have extensive experience and a laser focus on delivering a remarkable, memorable and persuasive promotional video that will get you results.

We’re friendly and flexible, but we won’t just agree with you for the sake of it. Instead, we’ll guide you through the process and provide compelling reasons why the video should look a certain way. Of course, we take our customer’s feedback seriously, but we want you to benefit from our expertise and get the return you deserve. We’ll challenge you along the way and, in the process, will elevate your marketing to new levels.

Not only this, but you’ll find the video production process frustration and hassle-free. After all, we want you to come back again and again. And we have to prove ourselves to you to achieve this!

We’d be delighted to start a conversation with you and get you on board as a valued customer. We don’t charge for advice and are more than happy to chat with you about a potential promotional video – even if you’re not ready yet.

We’re your local video production company based in Poole, Dorset and we produce videos for many businesses and organisations in Bournemouth and the South. Contact us today on 01202 805091 or email

Are you proactive?
Yes. Unlike many run-of-the-mill promotional video production companies, you won’t have to move the process along or be constantly pushing us. We drive the production to make sure everything stays on track.
Where do you start?
We have extensive experience explaining very complicated products, services and value propositions. We know what questions to ask and what information we need to deliver a persuasive video. This means you won’t have to come up with the script, storyboard or ideas – after all, it’s what you pay us to do!
How do manage the production timeline?

We have a ‘battle-tested’ production schedule, which means you won’t have to try and figure out the timeline. We discuss this from the start so everyone involved is clear on when your promotional videos should be delivered. This means no misinterpretation or shoot-from-the-hip guesswork. Just a clear and easy-to-understand schedule that includes time for your valued feedback.

What happens next?

If you’d like to engage with us, we’d jump on a call (phone or video) and answer any questions. We’ll talk you through the process and explain how it all works. We’ll make some recommendations and follow up with relevant examples and a quote that you can review.

If you want to go ahead, we’ll schedule a call with the relevant stakeholders and provide a few questions to distil down the key messages and develop the right message that explains what you do and get people to care.

Once we’re all agreed on the direction for the video, we’ll start to put together the creative. It’s that simple.

Why are promotional videos so important?

A promotional video will inform your audience without losing attention. Let’s face it; we’ve all blazed across the text on a website without digesting the content. This is where video is different. You have to present yourself in a meaningful and trustworthy way while staying true to your brand without people getting bored.

With a promotional video, you can deliver critical messages and overcome objections in a way that will stay with the audience. This creates loyalty and solves problems that turn your viewers into brand advocates and ultimately, sales.

Where are you based?
We’re based in Poole, Dorset (next to Bournemouth) and produce promotional videos for business across the South. Call us on 01202 805091 or email