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Corporate videos in 3 easy steps.

Remarkable corporate video production that delivers.

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Step 1 – We Listen

The key to a successful corporate video is listening. We listen to your aims and objectives and then create a script and framework to deliver on your goals.

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Step 2 – Video Process

We film your footage, add animation then edit your video. We provide previews as we go so you can incorporate your feedback. It’s that easy.

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Step 3 – The Result

You get a video that will achieve your aims. What’s more, we don’t ask for payment until you’re delighted. That’s how confident we are you’ll love your corporate video.

What our corporate video clients say

The video increased our enquiry rate by 170%  – Friendly and helpful team who knew what they were doing Victoria Hardwick

Marketing Manager, STI Ltd

I recommend the team to any business looking to increase sales through corporate video production.

Noel O'Hanlon

CEO, Genesis VMI

High quality video production has helped us achieve our communication goals. Stuart Sykes

Digital Marketing Mgr, Travis Perkins

Affordable corporate videos

Engaging and persuasive corporate videos for Businesses in Poole and Bournemouth

Let us create you corporate videos that will provide communication solutions to enhance your reputation, raise your profile and generate a ‘buzz’ about your business. Whether it’s targeted at shareholders, customers with an explainer video, employees with a training video or stakeholders, we combine creative scripting with concise execution to deliver high-impact corporate video communications that clearly demonstrate the benefits of doing business with your organisation.

Unlike most corporate video companies, we don’t burden you with the task of writing the script or coming up with ideas. We drive the video project from the get-go and do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. This is why brands love working with us.

Not only this, but we’re friendly, relaxed and easy to work with, so you’ll not only get an awesome corporate video, but you’ll enjoy the process. At each stage of the video production, we show you exactly what you’re getting so we can incorporate any feedback. This means there are never any surprises and you get peace of mind.

We measure your success.

What’s more, because we identify the criteria for success from the start, we can measure the effectiveness of the video. This means there is no shoot-from-the-hip guesswork when it comes to what we are all trying to achieve. By using this as a yardstick it allows us to refine and finesse the messaging to ensure your goals are met. Win, win!

These are just a few reasons why we’re trusted by boot-strapped start-ups, SMEs and international brands to produce amazing and memorable videos that work. We can combine live action with animation and an emotive soundtrack to create an immersive experience for your audience that will stay with them.

Drone included!

We also include filming stunning aerial video footage with the price of a day of filming – so you get incredible shots at no extra!

We’re based in Poole, Dorset – just a short distance from the lovely beaches. We’d be delighted to talk to you about any video production or animation projects.

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What is a Corporate Video?
A corporate video is simply a professionally produced video for your business. It can cover many video types, from animated explainers to investor information, testimonials, sales videos, and how-to guides. Videos used on your website have a very positive effect on your website rankings and boost conversion rates.
Why do I need a corporate video?

There are many benefits of getting a corporate video. You’ll be able to get your message over in a clear, concise, and memorable way. You’ll be able to persuade more people to buy your stuff, and you’ll increase engagement with your customers and communicate more effectively with your workforce. Not only this, but corporate videos will increase your search engine rankings (as Google loves to see video on web pages) and power up sales conversions and dwell time.

With a corporate video, you’ll be able to introduce and build trust in your brand, get your audience excited about a new product or service, explain a value proposition, provide insider hints and tips or even help customers how to use a product. The opportunities are almost endless.

In short, you’ll be able to inspire your audience and motivate them to act. No matter the size of your business, a corporate video is a positive move towards success.

Why do corporate videos work?

With a corporate video, you get to speak directly to your audience. You can evoke emotion or humour and make a lasting impression – which is excellent for business. Use your video across numerous platforms, such as your website, social media, landing pages, and eCommerce sites, to increase conversions. Keep your customers for longer on your website, reducing bounce rate and giving you Google brownie points.

Corporate videos work because you get a 24/7 super-charged salesperson in the form of a video that boosts your online reputation with Google. Win, win.

What are the benefits of a website video?
Website videos will increase the time a visitor spends on your website. This has a positive impact on your search rankings. A video will increase engagement and better explain what you do or sell. Which in turn generates more sales.
Why are product videos compelling?

Product videos are perfect for selling the benefits of your product (or service). They can be on your eCommerce store and on 3rd party resellers such as Amazon’s marketplace to differentiate your product from a competitor. A video will clearly show the product in perspective, which is something a photo cannot.

Why should I have testimonial videos produced?

Social proof is one of the most powerful sales tools. Testimonial videos are a direct and believable way to convince your prospect that you’re their best choice. Used on product pages and social media platforms, they are very effective.

What's so good about how-to and instructional videos?

Unless you dominate a market with your product (think Dyson), your potential customers probably aren’t searching for you. Instead, they are probably searching for a solution to their problem. This means you have the opportunity to explain in terms of a how-to or instructional video.

As videos tend to rank well on their own (as well as on your website), you can post how-to videos on social media and video platforms such as YouTube. These videos then come up in the search results and present a solution. Hey presto, you’ve generated more sales.

How can I use training videos?
Training videos are very effective in increasing your productivity, work culture, and sales process elements such as customer service. For example, you can create a safer workplace with engaging health and safety induction videos. You can improve overall sales performance with customer service training for your front-line staff and help clients with technical training on your products. There is a multitude of opportunities for training videos in almost all companies.
Why do companies get investor or crowdfunding videos?
Corporate videos also include investor videos. They provide headline information and can be very persuasive in getting new investors excited about your proposition. They’re perfect for crowdfunding, and many of the platforms insist that you use video to convey your investment pitch. It’s a great way to tell your story in a vibrant and compelling way.
How can an animated explainer video help me?
Explainer videos sell your proposition clearly and persuasively. It’s a great way to make a complicated product easy to understand. They are benefit-led and speak to your prospects directly. Typically they are 60 seconds or less and will increase website conversions.
How much is a TV advert?
We produce TV adverts that start at just £1495.00 plus VAT. This could be a short live-action advert or an animated video. We can also include aerial footage as well.
What is your experience and where are you based?
We have over 35 years of experience producing corporate videos, training videos, TV adverts, health and safety films, and explainer videos. We’re based in Poole and work for businesses in Bournemouth and across Dorset and the south coast.