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Step 1 – Compliant Script

Getting a health and safety video is easy with us. We write the script and come up with ideas, so you don’t have to. It’s a simple and pain-free process.

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Step 2 – Production

This is where your health and safety video comes together. We film and edit your footage, record a polished voice-over, and present a draft for your feedback. We even include drone aerial filming in with the shoot.

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Step 3 – Ready to Use

Once all feedback is complete your video is ready for use. What’s more you don’t pay a penny until you’re 100% delighted! This why brands love us.

Health and Safety Videos

Reduce cost burdens, eliminate risk and meet statutory compliance with an engaging health and safety video for staff, visitors and contractors.

Customer Comments

Professional, friendly experts with excellent product quality and affordable pricing – superb work ethic.

Jane Tovey

Training Manager, QE NHS Trust

Excellent work – The Safety Training video has enhanced the learning and training process for our operatives.

Rob Brassington

Training Manager, G4S

Pain free and easy process! The Health and safety videos have saved us a fortune in training costs.

Kevin Simpson

HSE Manager, Britvic Soft Drinks

What can you achieve with a health and safety video?

  • Average Induction Time Saved 78%
  • Learning Outcomes Achieved 100%
  • Average Training Costs Saved 68%
  • Inductee Engagement 100%
  • Average Risk Reduction 92%
  • Training Continuity 100%

Engaging health and safety videos you can rely on.

Health and safety videos are perfect for almost all businesses. They provide essential training that concisely delivers safety critical information. Getting H&S right means a safe working environment, but the consequences of getting it wrong can be serious. 

But how do you get over all the important safety information in a way that will be remembered? Let’s face it, PowerPoint presentations are boring, and paper handouts are rarely digested.

And how do you make sure that you deliver continuity in your training and don’t miss anything?

Until now, the only way to solve these problems has been through time-consuming, repetitious and expensive manual training sessions.

Simple and hassle-free

We have broken the mould that dominates conventional health and safety training. Now, safety training can be delivered in an easy, memorable and effective way without expensive manpower costs and time burdens.

Here’s how delivering training with video reduces the time and costs of conventional training and massively increases the retention rate of your safety-critical information.

With a single health and safety video, you’ll be able to easily deploy training solutions to new and existing staff, contractors and visitors AND ensure that they all receive the correct information every time.

What’s more, your business performance and productivity will improve, and you’ll dramatically cut costs and meet your legal obligations for training.

Some of the subjects that your health and safety video may include are; manual handling, display screen equipment (DSE), slips, trips and falls, working at height, lone working, permit to work, site security, traffic movements, fire evacuation, use of fire extinguishers, COSHH, environmental, office safety, hygiene, first aid, bomb threats, walkways, accidents, smoking policy, food hygiene, risk assessments stress, lone and home working to name just a few.

Aerial footage included

We even include stunning aerial footage filmed with our 4K drone in with the price so you can get a unique perspective of your site.

Not only this, but we’re your local video production company based right on your doorstep. We already provide H&S videos for organisations like you in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset. 

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Why do I need a health and safety video?

As a health and safety professional you already know that providing H&S information for your workforce is a huge burden. Not only this, but trying to make sure that you provide a consistent message can be difficult.

We can remove this burden with an engaging safety training video. We produce health and safety videos that will provide a clear and consistent message for your workforce. The video will also save you a lot of time which means you can direct your attention to other safety-critical issues.

What sort of health and safety videos do you produce?

We have produced health and safety videos on almost all safety topics. A large majority of our customers have staff induction videos produced. These often have similar topics, such as fire evacuation, manual handling, slips and trips, vehicle movements and so on. However, nearly all of our customers have unique environments that present specific safety issues.

Can you re-purpose health and safety videos?

The short answer is yes. For example, we’ll produce a staff induction video and then re-purpose the footage to create a contractor safety video and a visitor safety video. This maximises your budget.

Who writes the script?

We will handle the entire production. We’ll write a safety compliant script that covers all of the topics you require. We don’t expect you to have to do this time-consuming task. Unfortunately, you’ll find that a lot of other video production companies will get you to do a lot of the hard work when it comes to the script.

We don’t think this is right. We use our 35 years of experience to write a script that will engage your audience and hit the learning objectives we’ve set.

What topics should I include in my safety video?

We’ll work with you to define the topics you need to include. There will be some that are fairly standard and some that are unique to your workplace. Some of the standard topics include; Fire evacuation, fire extinguishers, manual handling, slips and trips, noise, PPE, walkways, DSE, security, vehicle movements, COSHH, induction, environment, guards and isolation, home and lone working, hygiene, working at height, power tools, hot works, contractors, permits, stress, first aid, notices, security, accidents and near misses, Asbestos, GDPR and data security, visitors, hazards and infection control to name just a few.

How much is a health and safety video?

Health and safety videos can vary in price depending on how easy or complex the environment is. However, we try and standardise the fees so that you get to work to a fixed budget. We have a very popular H&S video production package where customers can take advantage of a fully inclusive safety video for just £1495.00 plus VAT.

This is for a 5-minute health and safety video, including scripting, filming, editing, voice-over, titles and music.

What industries have you got experience in?

We have worked across many industries to produce health and safety videos. These include; Food and drink, manufacturing, defence, aerospace, distribution, warehousing, logistics, construction, retail, entertainment, marine, energy, nuclear, local government, healthcare and hospitals, education, banking, financial, insurance, call centres, telecoms and mining.

How long does a health and safety video take to produce?

On average, a staff induction, contractor or visitor video takes around four weeks to produce from start to finish. If the production is more complex, it can take longer as we may need additional time to organise the filming. Needless to say, we work tirelessly to ensure that your video is produced as quickly as possible, so you get to benefit from it.

Who are your customers?

We have had the privilege of working with these great brands; Disney, NFU Mutual, Royal and Sun Alliance, Britvic, Virgin Trains, Network Rail, Alstom, Pepsi, Nestle, Harwell Nuclear, Office for Students, NHS Trusts, Rentokil, The Post Office, Loomis, Jordans Ryvita and G4S to name just a few!

Can you include aerial filming?

Yes, we come with our drone as standard. This means that you’ll get great footage from the air, which is perfect for showing the size of a site or providing a unique perspective. Getting the drone in the air does depend on the weather being good, and also we have to check to see if there are any CAA flight restrictions at your location.

What benefits will my workforce get?

A well-made health and safety video will provide your workforce with the confidence to carry out their job safely. It will reduce accidents, increase their self-esteem (by increasing their knowledge) and make the workplace a better environment for all.

Do you produce animated health and safety videos?

Yes. We can produce you a fully animated safety film. One of the advantages of this is that we can use visual metaphors to get over some of the messages. It also means that there is no requirement for onsite filming.

Where are you based?

We are based in Poole, Dorset. We work with businesses in the local area, such as Bournemouth and nationally across the UK.