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Step 1 - Animation Design

We work with you to discover your explainer video aims, objectives and audience. We then write a killer script that meets your objectives.

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Step 2 - Animation Design

We create memorable and remarkable animation that gets inside your buyers mind to explain what you do and why people should care.

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Step 3 - You're Delighted

We incorporate all your feedback and deliver your perfect explainer video. What's more, you don't pay a penny until you're 100% happy.

Some of our explainer video work 

We cut through the clutter and create benefit laden explainer videos to convince your audience that your products or services are perfect for them.

What our clients say

Our explainer video has really helped us tell people what we do in a fast and compelling way.  

Katy Ellis

Marketing Manager, Bourne Trust Company

We've just rebooked Jordi to come and film our next staff event out on the water in Poole bay. Looking forward to seeing the finished video.

Tony Vear

Director, Specialist Sorting Systems

A creative video service that was executed professionally. Budgets were stuck to and the football competition video was just what we wanted.  

Marcus Abayomi

Marketing Co-ord, Street Soccer

What’s so great about explainer videos?

The one of the many great things about explainer videos is that they get over your entire value proposition very quickly and effectively.They showcase the benefits of your product or service and make sure that your prospect knows why to buy from you. 

They use tried and test sales psychology and benefit led messages to make a compelling case for your product or service

Our animated explainer videos can take something complex and visually show off its value in a simple and easy way. Whether your audience are prospects, customers, city investors or the media, we’ll make sure they pay attention to you. 

These are just a few reasons why we’re the go-to company for explainer videos. Not only this, but we’re based in Poole, Dorset which is just a stone’s throw from Bournemouth and easily accessible in just two hours from London on the train. So if you fancy a day out near the beach then pop along and see us! 

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Why do I need an explainer video?

Explainer videos take complex information and relays it in a way that’s informative and memorable. By using animation we can use visual metaphors to sell in your value proposition in a way that live action video, text or infographics cannot.

So if it’s difficult or complicated to explain what you do, make or sell an explainer will be able to simplify the message into a clear and benefit led package. Which means you sell more stuff.

What is an elevator pitch?

The phrase elevator pitch came from the USA in the 1940s. It came about when sales people would try and catch an executive alone in an elevator where they had no escape. The salesperson would then have 60 seconds (or the duration of the journey between floors) to pitch their sale.

These days, an elevator pitch is used to describe how an explainer video (usually 60 seconds or so) can be used as a sales-pitch-turned-explanation of your value proposition. They’re perfect for building confidence in your brand, generating leads and are like having a permanent sales person on your website!

Why do explainer videos work so well?
In a nutshell, explainer videos grab your attention and give you a call to action. They’re often designed to be quirky and remarkable so that people remember them. If you think about how we blaze across website when there is just text and images you can see how an explainer will hold your attention. In a recent study by Gartner people retained up-to 85% more information when viewing an explainer video compared to text.
How do I use an explainer video?
Explainer videos are great to use on your website’s home page or a sales landing page. They are also perfect for social media advertising such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn.
How long should my explainer video be?
Ideally your explainer video should be 60 seconds or less. However, it does depend on the content and your audience. We’ve produced explainers that have been 90 to 120 seconds in duration and have delivered amazing results. We work with you to distil down your information and make sure it’s concise.
How long does the animation take to create?
The average time-line of an explainer video project is around 3 – 4 weeks. The script writing takes around a week to complete and then there is feedback from you to incorporate. The actual process of animating the video takes around 10 days or so. This being said we have turned project round in a week when needed although it’s not always good for sanity!
How much is an explainer video?

We have a fixed price on explainers with a 60 second video will starting at just £1495.00 plus VAT. This is an all-inclusive price and includes the creatives, script, storyboard, animation, voice over, music, sound effects and delivery.

P.S. We only charge a 25% deposit and the balance when you’re delighted!

What information do you require from me to get started?

We normally have a call to discuss your aims and objectives. From this call we’ll look to get info such as how you overcome any objections in selling your product or service. We’ll also look at your website and conduct other research on your competition. From here, we’ll be in a position to start the script. It’s that simple.

The only other things we’ll need are your brand guidelines and logos. To make sure we’re bang-on-brand.

Is there a tried and test structure for an explainer?
We try and follow a framework where we can demonstrate we’re solving a problem and overcoming objections for your audience. By doing this and using a very benefit-led message it makes very persuasive viewing.
Who else have you produced explainer videos for?
We’ve produced hundreds of explainer videos for companies of different sizes. This includes Disney, nPower, Travis Perkins, City Plumbing and Motorola to name a few.
Where are you based?
We’re based in the lovely seaside resort of Poole. We’re next door to Bournemouth. We work for customers across the UK and internationally to produce explainer videos.


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