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Educating with Explainer Videos

Read our essential guide on educating with explainer videos. Explainer videos are a great way to explain complex topics or ideas succinctly and effectively. One of the main advantages of explainer videos is that they effectively capture the attention of viewers and make them more engaged with your content than text alone ever could. For educational purposes, this means that learners can get a better understanding of their subject matter than just reading a textbook or lecture notes. Here are some tips on how to use explainer videos to educate your audience.

  1. Start with an Engaging Introduction: The introduction of an explainer video is the most important part, as it sets the stage for what’s to come and captures people’s attention from the get-go. Make sure you start strong with an engaging story or problem that viewers can connect with, before moving onto more detailed explanations in the following sections.
  2. Keep It Short: Many people have short attention spans these days, so make sure your explainer video doesn’t exceed two minutes in length – any longer than that and you risk losing potential viewers who might switch off after a while. Keep things concise by staying focused on one topic at a time and only include information that is essential for understanding the material at hand; anything else will just distract from the message you’re trying to convey
  3. Use Visuals: A key advantage of using explainer videos over written materials is that visuals can be incorporated into content far more easily; this makes it easier for viewers to comprehend concepts quickly since they don’t need to imagine what something is – it’s literally right there in front of them! Utilising various animation techniques like 2D/3D models, character animations etc., can really help bring concepts to life & keep learners engaged throughout the entire video content
  4. Choose Interesting Examples: An effective way of helping viewers retain information is by providing relevant real-world examples within your content – this helps clarify certain points without veering away from main topic areas and keeps learners interested too 🙂 Choosing interesting examples which fire up imaginations (such as references to popular movies/culture etc.. if the context allows) can really help make concepts ‘stick’ better in minds as well; meaning they won’t forget key learnings as quickly either
  5. Include Call-to-Actions: Towards the end of each segment, try including call-to-action statements where appropriate; these direct participants towards the next steps, such as visiting another website/resource, taking part in activities which reinforce the learning process etc., which all add up towards greater student engagement levels overall
  6. Intersperse Questions Throughout Content: Asking questions throughout your video helps break up content into smaller chunks which are easier for viewers to digest and remember afterwards, too – questions also encourage active participation where applicable.

Overall incorporating elements such as explainer videos into your marketing has a variety of wonderful benefits – not only do they engage users far better than traditional methods, but they reduce the number of resources needed to create same-level understandings too! This is why educating with explainer videos is so effective.

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