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First Aid Videos

ELO Media are specialist producers of first aid videos that are used by companies and organisations across the UK to train staff on the first aid procedures. Each video is bespoke to each clients needs and can be a stand alone video or form a chapter in a video such as staff induction.

It’s important that you as an employer provides equipment and facilities to enable first aid to be rendered to any employee who is injured or becomes ill at work.  This includes the provision of qualified first aiders and first aid boxes and it’s important that they know how to summon a first aider. Here are a few essential first aid skills to include.

Essential first aid skills for the workplace

You never know when an accident will happen. In any office or workspace, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst case scenario. By learning some essential first aid skills, you can be the office hero and potentially save a life! Here are some essential first aid skills that every employee should know.

1. How to administer CPR

One of the most important—and potentially lifesaving—first aid skills that everyone should know is how to administer CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). If someone suffers a heart attack or stops breathing, CPR can help restore blood flow and breathing. Learning CPR is easy and only takes a few hours. The Red Cross offers certification courses that can be taken in person or online. Getting certified is a great way to boost your resume and it could one day save a coworker’s life!

2. How to control bleeding

Another critical first aid skill is knowing how to control bleeding. if someone cuts themselves or suffers a more serious injury, it’s important to be able to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. This can be done by using clean gauze pads or even a clean t-shirt. It’s also important to elevate the injured limb above heart level to help slow the bleeding. Keeping calm and being able to act quickly is key in any first aid situation, especially when it comes to controlling bleeding.

3. How to deal with burns

Dealing with burns is another common first aid skill that employees should know. Whether it’s a minor burn from touching a hot stovetop or a more severe burn from an accident, it’s important to treat burns quickly and appropriately. For minor burns, cool the area with cool water for at least five minutes and then apply a bandage. For more severe burns, call 999 immediately and do not try to remove any clothing from the burned area as this could further damage the skin. Be sure to also avoid putting ice on the burn as this could cause more pain and damage.


By learning some essential first aid skills, you can be better prepared for anything that comes your way at work—from spills and cuts to more serious accidents. First aid skills are easy to learn and could one day save a coworker’s life! Be sure to look into certification courses offered by the American Red Cross so that you can add “CPR certified” to your list of qualifications.

These are just a few points that we include in our first aid videos and we can guarantee that the combination of live action, computer graphics and titles makes for a high effective first aid training video. If you’d like to see just how affordable our first aid health and safety videos are or see examples of what we’ve produced then please contact us here at ELO Media – you’ll be glad you did.

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