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Independent School Videos

At ELO Media we have extensive experience in producing independent school videos. We have filmed at some of the most prestigious private schools and delivered high quality promotional videos that reflect the school’s personality, culture and ethos. Many of our independent school videos are used online on the school’s website or on DVD with the prospectus. In addition school videos are successfully used on open days as well as an introduction for parent and international students.

How a Promotional Video Can Benefit an Independent Private School

As the marketing manager for an independent private school, you may be wondering if creating a promotional video is worth the expense. After all, aren’t independent private schools already well-known and well-respected? While that’s certainly true, there are several benefits that come with creating a promotional video for your school. Here are just a few of them.

Creates an Emotional Connection with Viewers

One of the most important benefits of a promotional video is that it can create an emotional connection with viewers. Independent private schools are often known for their strong sense of community, and a promotional video can capture that feeling and convey it to viewers in a way that words alone cannot. A good promotional video will make viewers feel like they are part of the school community, even if they have never set foot on campus.

Highlights the Unique Aspects of Your School

Another benefit of a promotional video is that it can highlight the unique aspects of your school that set it apart from other schools, both private and public. Maybe your school has a particularly strong academic program or a very diverse student body. Whatever the case may be, a promotional video is an excellent way to showcase what makes your school special.

Provides an Inside Look at School Life

Finally, a promotional video can provide viewers with an inside look at what life is really like at your school. This can be especially beneficial for families who are considering sending their child to your school but who live too far away to visit in person. A well-made promotional video will give these families a taste of what life on campus is like and help them decide if your school is the right fit for their child.


As you can see, there are several benefits to creating a promotional video for your independent private school. A good promo video can create an emotional connection with viewers, highlight the unique aspects of your school, and provide an inside look at campus life. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to create a promo video, we hope this article has helped you see the value in doing so.

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