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Medical Training Videos

Affordable medical training videos for the healthcare sector.

Organisations in the healthcare sector use medical training videos to deliver critical learning to staff, customers, suppliers, partners and patients. In fact, a recent survey by Forbes found that healthcare video production was considered the most important way to deliver medical training accurately and quickly to a wide audience by NHS trusts and leading pharmaceutical businesses.

At ELO Media, we partner with organisations like you to produce engaging medical training videos. We have over 30 years of experience creating specialist video communications for the healthcare sector. This means we can quickly identify the key learning objectives and ensure that the video delivers the key messages effectively.

This is why we are trusted by NHS Hospitals, private hospitals, GP practices, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, healthcare software developers, clinicians, consultants and medical insurance businesses to produce medical training videos.

Medical training videos can be used across almost every aspect of your organisation. For example, NHS trusts use video training to help staff understand new procedures, protocols and practices. They can communicate key messages across the organisation and help build a culture of excellence. In addition, we’ve worked with consultants to produce training videos that illustrate new clinical techniques, such as in theatre, to how-to guides on medical equipment.

If you’re a medical device manufacturer, you’ll likely need medical training videos to demonstrate how a device is used. This could be a video aimed at clinical staff, suppliers or patients. We have produced many medical equipment training videos that have included 3D animation to clearly show how a product works.

Many of our healthcare customers will use animation to significant effect. In addition to 3D animation, we also produce 2D animated explainer videos that are perfect for simply explaining a value proposition or process.

The good news is that you’ll find that working with us is headache-free. We won’t ask you to develop the script, storyboard or ideas. Our extensive experience means that we’ll drive the project and do the ‘heavy-lifting’ so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

The process to produce medical training videos

Firstly we’ll talk to you to identify the aims of your video and the learning objectives. This is important so that the video stays on message and is always focused on delivering your goals.

We’ll also look at who the primary audience is. For example, a video aimed at employees would have a different tone and pitch to a video aimed at customers or suppliers. These nuances in the messaging can make the difference between a video that is engaging to one that is not.

Once we’ve established the framework for the video, we’ll look at how best to get engaged with the audience and the sort of video production that’s best suited to deliver your goals. This could be live-action filming, 3D or 2D animation or a combination thereof.

Medical training videos

3D animation from one of our medical training videos

Whatever route we choose, there will always be a rationale behind the decision.

The next stage in producing medical training videos is scripting. Our team of writers work with you to create a script that’s focused on delivering the messages in the right tone and appropriate for the audience.

Following the script, we’ll produce a storyboard that visually represents how the video will look. This is an excellent way for you to understand our vision and ensure that we’re all aligned.

Once the script and storyboards are agreed upon, we can start the actual production. This may be filming on-site, in a studio or at an external location. In the case of animation, our specialist graphics team will create the model and keyframes of the animation sequence for you to approve.

Once the filming is completed, we’ll then edit the video media into a rough-cut version for you to view. Once we’ve received feedback, we’ll make any changes and produce another draft version for final tweaks. At this stage, we’re usually just finessing the production before mastering.

With animation, we produce an animatic, which is a low-resolution version of the animation. This is used so you can see how all the sequences work. In addition, we also produce high resolution still images so you can see the finished quality of the images.

Once these stages are completed, we’ll supply the video in any format you require. This could be a 4K master video, web files, or a format that you can use on your eLearning platform.

Where are you based?

We’re ELO Media and we’re an award winning medical video production company based in Poole, Dorset, right next door to Bournemouth. We work locally and nationally and would be delighted to discuss any medical training videos with you. Contact us a or call us on 01202 805091 today!