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Office Health and Safety DVD

Many companies have used an Office Health and Safety DVD to train  employees that work… you’ve guessed it… in an office!

However, with the demise of the DVD it means that lots of businesses are looking to replace their office health and safety DVD with a health and safety video that they can use for induction, online and as part of an eLearning platform.

Here at ELO Media we produce health and safety videos for a wide range of clients such as insurance companies, financial institutions, call centre workers and admin staff. The office health and safety video forms a central role in the hiring and induction of staff to the business and ensures that all staff are working safely.

As a leading producer of health and safety videos we create effective and affordable office videos for probably a lot less than you may think. You can see various examples of office health and safety videos on our website. Topics include DSE (display screen equipment), slips and trips, fire, manual handling and hazards to name just a few.


One of the biggest benefits of using an office health and safety video is that it’s cost-effective. You won’t need to print out any materials or pay for any outside consultants—you can simply purchase the video once and then use it over and over again. Plus, since it can be watched on demand, employees can view it at their convenience, which means there’s no need to schedule a specific training time that works for everyone.

It’s Engaging

Another great benefit of using an office health and safety video is that it’s engaging. When done well, a health and safety video can hold employees’ attention while also delivering important information in an interesting way. This is especially true if the video features real-life scenarios or interviews with experts in the field. Additionally, since the content is delivered through both audio and visual channels, employees are more likely to remember what they’ve learned after watching the video.

There are many benefits of using an office health and safety video to train your staff on workplace safety. From being cost-effective to being engaging, a well-made video can help ensure that your employees are properly trained on a variety of topics. So if you’re looking for a flexible and affordable option for workplace safety training, be sure to consider an office health and safety video.

If you would like a Office Health and Safety video then please contact us – we’d be delighted to hear from you.