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Office H&S Video

If you are looking for an Office H&S Video then contact us here at ELO Media. We specialise in health and safety videos of all types from office safety through to visitor and contractor safety. Our bespoke office safety videos include subjects such as display screen equipment, manual handling, slips and trips, hazards, fire safety and security to name just a few – we produce these videos to be played online on your eLearning platform or via the web. They are often split into chapters and also can include sub-titles and foreign language versions.

How to Engage Your Employees with an Office H&S Video

Workspace safety is critical for any business. Not only does it protect your employees, but it can also reduce company liability. Engaging your employees in health and safety initiatives is key to maintaining a safe workplace. One great way to do this is by creating an engaging office health and safety video. Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Tone and Messaging

Your office health and safety video should have a tone that matches your company culture. If you have a fun and lighthearted workplace, your video should reflect that. However, if you have a more serious work environment, your video should reflect that as well. The most important thing is that your employees can relate to the video and see themselves in it.

Additionally, your video should have a clear message. You might want to focus on a specific safety issue such as slips, trips, and falls or electrical hazards. Or you might want to take a more general approach and focus on overall office safety tips. Whatever route you choose, make sure your messaging is clear and concise.

Production Value

You don’t need Hollywood-level production value for your office H&S video, but it should look polished and professional. Shooting on location at your office will give the video an authentic feel. If possible, try to use natural lighting to avoid making your office look like a sterile set.

When it comes to editing, less is more. Your video should be tight and to the point. Employees have short attention spans, so make sure your video is under three minutes long. And don’t forget to add captions! This will make it easy for employees to watch the video even if they’re not in a quiet place or they don’t have headphones handy.

An engaging office health and safety video is a great way to get your employees invested in workplace safety. When creating your video, keep the following things in mind: tone and messaging, production value, and length. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating a ‘safety never takes a day off’ message that resonates with your employees!

Learning via an Office H&S Video is highly effective and ensures continuity in the training message as well as allowing the learners to clearly see what is required of them. In addition many organisations use their Office H&S Video as part of a staff induction training programme – thus maximising the benefit. If you’d like to discuss having a health and safety video produced please contact us.

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