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Railway Safety Case Videos

Here at ELO Media we specialise in producing high impact railway safety case videos for all sectors of the railway industry. This includes train operators infrastructure maintenance companies, telecommunications firms and Network Rail. Our portfolio of videos for the railway industry is very extensive and each video is bespoke to each clients specific needs.

Why Safety Training Videos Matter for the Railway Industry

Safety is always the top priority in the railway industry. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Training videos are one way to help prevent these accidents by providing a visual aids for employees. Here are three benefits of safety training videos for the railway industry.

1. They Enhance Understanding

Safety training videos can be used to supplement in-person training or as a stand-alone resource. They can be an especially valuable tool for employees who are new to the railway industry or those who need a refresher on safety protocols. By providing clear and concise information, videos can help employees understand and comply with safety procedures.

2. They Help Continuously Improve Safety Procedures

Safety training videos can also help identify areas where safety procedures can be improved. For example, if an employee notices that a certain procedure is regularly violated, this can be brought to the attention of safety managers. These managers can then work to create a new video or revise existing training materials to address the issue.

3. They Create a Record of Employee Training

In the event of an accident, investigators will want to review any relevant training materials. This includes safety videos that were shown to employees prior to the accident. Having a record of which employees watched which videos and when can help establish whether or not proper procedures were followed leading up to an accident.


Safety training videos play an important role in promoting safety in the railway industry. By enhancing understanding, helping to improve procedures, and creating a record of employee training, they help protect both workers and passengers alike. In order to be most effective, videos should be used alongside other safety measures such as in-person training and regular inspections.

We have covered reconstructions of major and minor incidents, accidents and fatalities, procedural operations, health and safety as well as promotional and staff videos. We have a range of services to suit all budgets and we always guarantee exceptional results.

So, if you’re looking for a railway safety case video or any training video for the railway industry then contact ELO Media.

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