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Safety Training DVD

Having a health and safety training DVD produced can be a complicated process – however it needn’t be if you come to ELO Media. We are specialist producers of safety training DVDs and videos as well as online videos that are affordable and effective.

We cover all topics from manual handling, office safety, lone and home working and DSE through to staff induction, fire evacuation and COSHH. We can help you maximise the effectiveness of your health and safety training and can deliver you a safety training DVD for web use as well!

Employee Safety Training: Why It’s Important and How to Do It Right

Every year, thousands of employees are injured on the job. And while some accidents are impossible to prevent, many could be avoided if employees received proper safety training. That’s why employee safety training is so important. Not only does it help reduce the number of workplace accidents, but it also helps improve morale and increase productivity.

Unfortunately, far too many companies fail to give employee safety training the attention it deserves. Oftentimes, safety training is seen as a burden or an unnecessary expense. But when done correctly, employee safety training can be an incredibly valuable tool for any business. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why employee safety training is so important and how to go about delivering it in an effective way.

Why Is Employee Safety Training Important?

There are a number of reasons why employee safety training is so important. First and foremost, it saves lives. By teaching employees how to safely perform their tasks, you can prevent a potential tragedy from occurring. Secondly, employee safety training helps reduce workers compensation claims and insurance premiums. When your employees are better trained, they’re less likely to get injured on the job. And finally, employee safety training boosts morale and increases productivity. When employees feel like their employers care about their safety, they’re more likely to be engaged and productive in their work.

How to Deliver Effective Employee Safety Training

Now that we’ve discussed why employee safety training is so important, let’s talk about how to deliver it in an effective way. The first step is to make sure that your employees receive comprehensive training that covers all aspects of their job duties. This might include COSHH sheets for chemicals they work with, emergency procedures for fires or evacuations, and instructions for using personal protective equipment (PPE).

Many companies also use eLearning such as the one delivered by First Health and Safety Ltd.

In addition to comprehensive coverage of all job-related hazards, your employee safety training should also be delivered in a way that engages learners and holds their attention. Boring PowerPoint presentations and tedious lectures will do little to capture your employees’ attention and ensure that they retain the information they’ve learned. Instead, try using interactive methods such as hands-on exercises, videos, case studies, and simulations. These methods will not only engage your employees during the training process but also help them better remember the material long after the training is over.


Employee safety training is one of the most important things you can do for your business—yet far too many companies fail to give it the attention it deserves. By taking the time to deliver comprehensive and engaging employee safety training, you can help prevent accidents, boost morale, and increase productivity in your workplace.

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