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Slow Motion Filming

Slow motion filming company in Poole and Bournemouth

If you’re looking for stunning slow motion filming for your video, TV advert or movie then contact the high speed camera experts at ELO Media. We use the latest slow motion filming techniques and equipment to produce beautiful, smooth slow motion film and video footage.

Footage can be used for your next commercial video production, documentary, film or TV advert. You’ll find us easy to work with and friendly and this is why our diary get filled up quickly. If you’d like to book us for slow motion filming please contact us as soon as possible!

Our superb slow motion filming camera equipment produces 4K resolution – giving incredible results. We are trusted by a wide range of producers, directors, video production, TV and film companies to deliver amazing slow motion footage. Slow-mo can also be used in sport to analyse motion and movement as well as for analysis of such things as manufacturing processes and production to help solve problems that can’t be seen by the naked eye or normal video cameras.

We have extensive slow motion filming experience and can help you create simply stunning slow-mo sequences for your project. Many producers and directors use slow motion in special effects sequences in films and whether it’s combined with CGI or used clean we always guarantee that we’ll wow your audience with our slow-mo footage.

Our specialist camera can film at up to 1200 fps which delivers jaw dropping slow motion where time is effectively slowed down by 40 times – giving a super smooth and super slow-mo sequence. What is a fairly mundane shot can be transferred in to an awe inspiring piece of footage by using our super slow motion filming service. We are based in Poole, Dorset and provide slow motion filming services across the county, Bournemouth and the South Coast of the UK.

Camera used for slow motion filming

Specialist slow motion camera

You may already know us for aerial filming in and around the area. We can often be seen filming sequences along the beautiful south coast for a wide variety of customers who come to the area to use as a location for TV adverts and film production. Having such a large natural harbour means it’s an ideal shoot location with a wide variety of locations available in a small geographical area. This means there are lots of opportunities to film stunning slow motion footage as well as cinematic aerial shots with of camera drone.

Slow motion footage can be incorporated into any video production, from promotional and training through to TV adverts and documentaries. We’ve even used slow motion to recreate accidents for health and safety videos. One of the challenges we recently had to overcome was how recreate a train crash! For this we used 4 slow motion cameras and built a replica train made from wood with special zones that would crumple in a realistic way. Needless to say the crew were nervous when it came to the shot as we had only one take. Fortunately it worked and the result was amazing.

Contact us now to see how we can bring your next project to life with our slow motion filming service.