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Top 7 Ways to Get Your Videos Ranked on YouTube

Are you looking for ways to get your videos ranked on YouTube? Are you looking for ways to boost your visibility and make sure your content stands out from the crowd? Then this essential guide is for you. Here are seven tips that will help you rank your videos on YouTube.

  1. Research Popular Search Terms: Before you create any video content, it is important to do some research into what search terms people are using on YouTube. Look at recent trending topics, as well as popular channels in your niche. That way, you can create titles and tags that match what viewers are searching for, which can give you an edge when ranking your videos.
  2. Use an Eye-Catching Thumbnail: Thumbnails are a great way to draw viewers in, so it’s important to make sure yours stands out from the crowd. Choose a thumbnail image that is bright and colourful while also reflecting the topic of the video itself; this will ensure more people click through and watch your video instead of scrolling past it.
  3. Keep Your Titles Short and Descriptive: It’s important not to overcomplicate things with long or overly descriptive titles; viewers don’t have time or patience for those kinds of videos! Keep them concise so people know exactly what the video is about before clicking on it – this will help improve ranking too
  4. Develop Quality Content: You might be able to get away with low-quality content once or twice, but ultimately if you really want viewers to come back again (and improve rankings) then it’s essential to create quality content they enjoy watching and find engaging. Make sure each part of your video has a purpose – such as introducing yourself at the beginning, giving advice in the middle section, and summing up key takeaways at the end – all these components add up towards a successful overall video presentation!
  5. Encourage Engagement: Simply putting up a good quality video doesn’t guarantee success – engagement plays an equally big role in improving rankings. Invite viewers to like and comment on your videos – ask questions that spark conversation, tell stories about personal experiences relevant to the topic… anything goes as long as it encourages people interact with your content in some way! Not only will this help with ranking but also build relationships between yourself and other members of the community who share similar interests/goals which can go a long way towards increasing viewership over time
  6. Share Your Videos Across Multiple Platforms: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by just posting on YouTube; share them across different social media platforms too! This helps spread awareness of your channel and encourage others who wouldn’t normally stumble upon YouTube videos (e.g those who use Facebook primarily) watch them as well – increasing the chance of clicks & views which can help with rankings
  7. Analyse Performance: Finally, analysing performance is key for making informed decisions about improving rankings further down line; measure viewer engagement based off analytics such as average watch time or whether viewers dropped off half-way through etc., then use this data base future strategy decisions like updating thumbnails/titles/content etc.. If something isn’t working then go back and refine areas where necessary – after all it’s impossible know where changes need without first gathering vital performance information!

Overall following these seven steps should help you rank better on YouTube – don’t forget though that there’s no one size fits all approach here either so experimentation could be required till something works best for specific case scenarios 🙂

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