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Video Advocacy

Video advocacy or customer reference videos are a great way to persuade prospects that they should use your business. People naturally want to hear from their peers and an honest insight into your business is a very powerful way to drive sales and provide a credible reference for your company.

Your existing customers are a one of your greatest assets when it comes to generating more business and video advocacy is a powerful way to harness compelling reasons on why people should choose your company over the competition. At ELO Media we can organise the filming of customer reference videos and testimonials, edit the video footage and provide for you to use online or in presentations – and for a lot less than you may imagine.

Making the Case for Video Advocacy

If you manage a website, you’re always looking for ways to boost sales conversions. You might have tried A/B testing, optimising your website copy, and different design features. In this blog post, we’ll explain why video advocacy is an effective tool for boosting website sales conversions.

What is Video Advocacy?

Video advocacy is a type of digital marketing that uses short, user-generated videos to promote a product or service. Unlike traditional advertising, video testimonials relies on the personal comments of real customers to build trust and credibility.

Benefits of Video Advocacy

There are many benefits of using advocacy to boost website sales conversions. First, videos are more engaging than other types of content, so they’re more likely to capture attention and keep viewers engaged. Second, videos create a personal connection between the viewer and the person in the video. This can help build trust and credibility, which are essential for converting leads into customers. Third, advocacy can be used to target specific audiences with laser precision. And finally, video advocacy is cost-effective and easy to produce at scale.

How to Incorporate Video Advocacy

If you’re convinced that customer comments could be a valuable addition to your website, there are a few ways to incorporate it. First, you could add customer testimonial videos to your product pages. Second, you could create a series of short “how-to” videos that show customers how to use your product or service. Third, you could produce behind-the-scenes videos that give customers a peek into your company culture. And fourth, you could launch a social media campaign that encourages customers to submit their own videos about your product or service.

As a website manager, it’s always important to look for ways to boost sales conversions. Video advocacy is an effective tool for doing just that. Thanks to its engaging nature and ability to build trust and credibility, incorporating video advocacy into your website can help you increase leads and customers.

Harness the power of video advocacy and use your customers as a powerful voice recommending your products and services to your prospects. Contact ELO Media, your specialist video production company today for a no obligation quote and start using your customers to provide real and tangible business benefits.

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