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Web Video Company in Poole

Affordable web video production company for Poole and Bournemouth

If you are looking for a video for your website, YouTube channel, social media or any online marketing then contact us here at Stormnet Media. We’re your local web video company and are based on your doorstep right here in Poole.

We work with local businesses and organisations as well as across the UK to produce engaging videos that can be used online.

Nearly all video content is now used online and it’s important to clearly identify your audience and how the video will be used. We can work with you to define the aims of your video production and ensure that it’s fit for purpose and delivers the results you’re looking for.

For example, if your video is to be used on a website landing page you’ll need to decide what is the actual purpose of the video. Is it to encourage sign-ups? Is it to generate sales leads? It’s by asking intelligent questions and distilling the messages that we can produce a web video that actually works.

Unfortunately, many local video production companies don’t have the experience in the psychology behind converting leads into sales so they often miss the target when it comes to the effectiveness of a video.

We’re different. We dive deep into the reasons for producing every video to ensure that you get the return on investment you deserve. We apply this to all productions – whether it’s defining the learning objectives of a health and safety video or the benefits of a promotional video. You’ll always get our full attention and expertise.

These are just a few reasons why we think you should be working with us.

In today’s climate we understand the  constraints on budget and time and always come up with innovative and fresh ways to deliver a video that you’ll love.

Producing a video for your website is probably a lot more affordable than you may think.

In a single day we can film lots of sequences that can be used across lots of your online platforms. These could be short presenter led pieces, testimonials, how to guides and so on. We even come equipped with a drone for aerial filming.

As videos rank well through search engines such as Google the will often give a huge boost to your rankings. They also rank well as individual videos and can be linked back to your content.

As well as live action we produce animated explainer videos that are great for selling a value proposition. These are often used as the perfect elevator pitch and featured on landing pages and website home pages.


Explainer video still image

Still from an animated explainer video


The great news is that we take all the hassle out of video production. Unlike many video companies in Poole and Bournemouth we DON’T ask you to write the script or come up with all the ideas. This is our job! We also won’t ask you to stop production or disrupt your staff. We work closely with you to make sure that the video creation process is smooth and effective and not a hindrance.

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