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OK, so you have a website – you may even have it optimised so it’s visible in the search engines but what about when people actually land on your pages? Are you converting enough of your visitors into solid sales leads that turn into business? With most websites the main problem is holding the visitors on the page long enough for them to digest your sales messages and make contact. This is where a web video comes in – with a professional online video it provides your visitors with powerful and persuasive sales messages delivered in a professional and friendly way.

We are your local web video production company, based in Poole in Dorset – we specialise in delivering professional website videos that can increase your conversion rate by upto 300%. This is the feedback we get from our very happy customers who have seen massive rises in conversion. And when you think about it it’s pretty obvious…. we all need help in making a decision to buy a product or service, and this is why companies employ sales people – well, with a website video you’ll have your own sales-person working for you 24/7.

Web video production can be live action, animated or a combination of the two. Many of our customers go for animated explainer videos that are powerful, benefit led videos. Usually they are around 60 seconds in duration and this is the sweet-spot for engagement. They are perfect for selling in a value proposition and use visual metaphors to really get the message over. By combining this with sound effects, remarkable animation and a crafted voice over you’ll find you soon get a large uplift in web conversions.

Still from an animated website video

Animated explainer video for website use

The animation can be in almost any style you like, from cartoon to whiteboard, text to icons or anything in between. It’s worth taking a look at our example videos where you can see lots of different styles.

In addition to animated web videos we also produce live action videos for websites. This can be as a resource to suck in traffic such as a how-to guide. It could be a hints and tips video or insider information. Many businesses create these resources and find that they build a large audience that follows them This then turns into loyal customers and a boost in sales.

In fact, often a website video does not have to be over-produced. This means you can film a number of videos in a day so you maximise your budget and get the benefit of having lovely unique content on your website.

By using a professional web video production company you’ll be guaranteed a great result… we only use TV presenters to front your live action web video  (this is where you have a presenter on your webpage talking to you) and it’s all filmed in 4k. We also include the script and editing… in fact it’s the full package. And the even better news is that you get all this for a very affordable price.

So, whether you’re looking for a corporate video, explainer or promo video for your website contact your local web video production company today on 01202 805091 or email