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Website Videos

Website videos that increase sales

It’s a fact that website videos boost conversions and improve search engine rankings.

This is why website videos are recognised as the best conversion tool you can deploy on your website. We specialise in online video production and create persuasive and engaging videos that deliver bottom line results.

Website videos take many different forms from animated explainer videos to presenters  superimposed over the website and everything in between.

We work with you to create the ideas, storyboards, script and editing to ensure that your web video delivers a significant return on your investment.

An effective website video will enhance your visitor’s experience and keep them on your web page. You want to convert your visitors into sales leads and a web video will help by educating, informing and entertaining them with a benefit led message.

You’ll have no doubt seen lots of explainer videos on websites. These are typically on a homepage but you’ll also find videos on other targeted pages such as product and services, about us, landing pages, customer service, careers and how-to guides.

By the action of someone watching a video you’ll be increasing dwell time, increasing your search ranking as well as converting leads into solid sales. Nobody wants to wade through lots of text – this is why a video works so well. It will sell your brand proposition in 60 seconds or less.

According to research by Gartner, website videos can increase the dwell time of visitor by up-to 10 times more than text alone. The most impressive statistic is that the same research also cited that website explainer videos can increase the conversion rate of visitors by up-to 198% when compared with just text.

Still not convinced you need a website video?

OK, consider this. Your website has just a few short seconds to make an impression on your visitor. That’s not much time. With an animated web video the viewer’s attention can be firmly grabbed. A web video is designed to sell in the benefits in a very short space of time. Combine this with eye-catching design and a remarkable storyline and you onto a win.

Without drowning you in statistics here are some compelling numbers you just can’t ignore.

Boost in traffic – videos with a video will get on average 39% more traffic via search engines.

Delight visitors – 73% of people would prefer to watch a video to reading text on a website.

Increase dwell time and reduce bounce rate – On average web visitors will spend around 89% more time on a web page with an explainer video.

Elevate your SERP – websites that use videos are 53 times more likely to feature on page 1 of Google.

The reality is that an explainer video is the perfect way to make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your website. They set the tone for your site and encourage visitors to engage right from the get-go.

If you also support this with video that can help your visitors then that will boost your website yet further. We’ve worked with many customers to produce how-to guides. These are great in showing your audience that you’re a thought leader in your space.

For example, we worked with Travis Perkins to create animated how-to guides on simple DIY tasks such as ‘How to bleed your radiators’ and ‘How to top up your central heating boiler’. These were highly successful and captured a lot of additional traffic for their website. They also saw a big jump in the amount of people sharing these videos.

How to guide

Still image from explainer video on how to bleed a radiator

The good news is that website videos are way more affordable than you may imagine – we’re your local video production company based in Poole, near Bournemouth in Dorset. Contact us today on 01202 805091 or email – we’d love to help you.